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A personal project to practice UI Skills


Project Overview

I wanted to create a UI project to showcase my design skills. The app I have designed would be used for 

a car insurance company member to track their application for insurance

Colour Palette

I chose a simple colour palette to practice implementing a Primary Colour, a Secondary Colour, a CTA (Call to Action), Error and Gradient for status bars. 

Inspiration for my palette came from 

My Role


The Team

UI Design

UX Design

Solo Project


Time Frame

3 Days

Frame 4.png
Frame 6.png
Frame 5.png

Button Styles

Setting myself clear guidelines with the Buttons and status bar helped me keep on track when I was building the app. 


I aimed to have a consistent width, size and rounded corners to help the audience (users) learn the language of the app fast!


I chose a clear font with Montserrat. This font functions well as a display (in bold) or as a body font (regular)

Page Under Construction

I'll be writing a case study on my design process soon!

For now you can enjoy the prototype below 😃

Frame 9 (1).png
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