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Past Clients

Past clients include Australia Post, ANZ, Coles, Flybuys, Canva, Bunnings, Canteen and Cricket Australia, and more

Case Studies

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UX Research

Usability Testing


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My Process

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User Research

UX/UI  Design

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User Research

UX Design

Service Design

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Personal Project

UI Design

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UX Research

UX Design

Get to know me

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• I’m a creative problem solver who wants to do good in the world

• I’m an accessibility specialist with over 2 years in the industry and 4 years in user-centric roles


• I bring empathy and understanding to my work

• I'm experienced in interpreting qualitative and quantitative data

• I’m technical. Put a new system in front of me and I’ll learn it in a day (..probably with the help of google!)

• I’m a team player and have been called a "positive culture builder" in the workplace

• I'm super organised thrive on team projects

Outside of work, I’m always up for a chat about anything from Screen readers to Beethoven.

Let's Connect



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