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• I’m a creative problem solver who want’s to do good in the world

• I’m an accessibility specialist with over 1 year in the industry


• I understand business and have worked in both large and small organisations

• I’m technical. Put a new program in front of me and I’ll learn it in a day (..probably with the help of google!)

• I know that my first solution probably won’t be the best, it’s all about testing and iterations

• I’m a nerd who loves trawling through user research to connect those golden insights

• I’m a team player and have been called a "positive culture builder" in the workplace

• I'm super organised, I don't think i've ever missed a deadline

• I thrive on variety, excited that every new design problem is different to the last

• I’m user centric, because.. wait, who are we designing for?!

Outside of work, I’m always up for a chat about anything from Screen readers to Beethoven!

Oh and ask me about email clients... I've tried every one in the app store 🤷

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