You can call me Josh 👋 

I'm a Melbourne based UX Designer, UI Designer and Classical Cellist 


As a UX Designer, I enjoy the research and data synthesis process and excel in prototyping from simple wireframes up to beautiful high-fidelity designs.

Humans have the power to design the world around them, that's why I specialise in Human-Centred Design where I can have a positive impact on the future of technology.

As a musician I've shared my passion for music and constructed meaningful experiences for audiences on stages around the globe.

I love putting my creative skills to the test, solving problems and making sense of the world around us.

I am super organised, a fierce team player and natural leader who uses empathy to connect with people around me. I thrive on variety and am excited that every new design problem is different to the last.

Outside of work, I’m always up for a chat about music, jogging, cycling and bodyweight workouts

Oh and ask me about mail clients... i've tried every one in the app store 🤷


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